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Lead Insurance Brokers is one of the reputable insurance broking and risk management companies in Indonesia. The company was established in 1996 and was first operated under the name of PT. Lintas Sentralindo.
For a solid twelve years, the company has maintained it presence in Indonesia and has been growing and expanding constantly to serve the Indonesian market. However in 2008, due to increase in the number of shares in the company, and as we strive to become the leading insurance brokers in Indonesia, PT. Lintas Sentralindo decided to change its name to Lead Insurance Brokers.

With long years of experience in the industry, Lead knows exactly what customer wants and needs. For years it had been acquiring an in depth knowledge in analyzing risk situation effectively from multiple perspective and develop creative solutions that meet the specific needs of the clients.

Lead firmly believes that we get business purely based on our extensive expertise, creative solutions and outstanding service.
Lead Insurance Brokers has a unique structure that is supported by committed, skilled, and client oriented team which allows us to deliver the best service to each and every one of our customers. No matter big or small or multinational companies, we are committed to deliver unrivalled service that goes beyond client expectations




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